Trailer: Dead of Winter Gives You Chills

DeadofWinterComing in third place last year at Z-fest, we have scored the trailer to Dead of Winter, finally complete this year. The trailer looks pretty darn cool as the effects and the way the story plays out looks like something that very feasibly could happen when you go out Geocaching in the, well, “Dead of Winter.”

Here is the synopsis released by Park Entertainment:

In the rugged wilderness of Colorado teams compete in an extreme Geocache treasure hunt. It’s all fun and games for one such team until they discover the real game is someone hunting them. Clues take them up mountains and across streams but each time one of their party meets a gruesome death. Suspicions surface and tempers flare as the body count rises.

One by one they’re getting picked off. They have to band together or die alone. Some survive long enough to make it to a deserted cabin in the woods where they find much-needed food and comfort. Then all hell breaks loose. This ain’t no B and B – it’s a sadistic trap! A fire erupts but it’s just a diversion for what the killer really wants as a girl is dragged away screaming. The remaining players try to save her and engage in a deadly game of cat and mouse as they unravel the riddles and true horror of the deadly game. It leads to a climactic showdown where they discover each of them is connected to a tragic event from their past in a way they couldn’t possibly have foreseen.

I used to go Geocaching when it was cool and seemed like the thing to do on a boring weekend. Although the craze as a hobby has gone away, the intrigue for horror survival films seems to be on the rise.

This looks reminiscent of “The Grey” starring Liam Neeson, but you can judge for yourself:

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