Dawn of the Dead in 3D is Still Coming

A looong time ago you might’ve heard that George Romero’s classic “Dawn of the Dead” was being converted to 3D by producer Richard Rubinstein.  It’s been sometime since that news dropped, but Richard hasn’t stopped his campaign to bring the project to life.

Speaking with Deadline, Richard revealed that the project was still in production and that one hour and 36 minutes of the two hour and six minute film had been successfully converted to 3D.  At this rate, Richard thinks that the film will be done in the fall season.  But what then?

The biggest challenge facing Richard is how to reintroduce the series to the masses that may not have ever seen the original.  3D is still a profitable market, but re-released 3D movies tend to only work for those that were huge financial hits in their time.  And even with “Dawn of the Dead” being a horror classic, is there enough interest from the fan base to see it in 3D?  Rubinstein certainly faces a challenging road ahead of him, but he remains optimistic.

“We want to get our partners’ money back but since no financing came from distribution sources, we’re totally free,” he said. “It is getting the same kind of care, love and attention to detail that went into converting The Titanic.”

What say you? Would you see the original “Dawn of the Dead” in 3D?

Dawn of the Dead in 3D is Still Coming

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