Hardware director to adapt HP Lovecraft’s The Colour out of Space

Richard Stanley, the director of the post apocalyptic cult film Hardware and Dust Devil, is turning his hands to the work of HP Lovecraft.  Stanley is looking to return to the horror genre after almost 2 decades with arguably one of Lovecraft’s greatest stories The Colour out of Space.  Adaptations of Lovecraft’s work usually tend towards either the campy or the splat-tastic but Stanley is aiming for a far more serious approach:

The celebrated HP Lovecraft, one of the true masters of horror, always insisted that his intention, throughout his work, was to convey an atmosphere of cosmic terror – of mankind’s precarious position in the cosmos and the black infinity that surrounds us.  Despite Lovecraft’s growing reputation with a new generation of fans no cinematic adaptation to date has attempted to tackle these core themes, let alone imbue them with the seriousness and relevance they deserve.

I am unsure how far into the project they are but there is a trailer on the films website and so far it looks very promising.

Hardware director to adapt HP Lovecrafts The Colour out of Space

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