‘Deadtime Stories’ Makes its Debut on Blu-ray in the U.S. & Canada This February

Ah, Scream Factory, nice to see you again. And as always, we’re pretty sure that they will be delivering the goods with their latest announcement, which is Jeffrey Delman’s Deadtime Stories. Many of you may still have a VHS copy of this? Well, how about adding this sucker on DVD or even Blu-ray? Well, come February 28th, you’ll be able to.

As per Scream Factory’s Facebook page;

Fresh off our announcement yesterday we are now taking pre-orders for our upcoming release of the 1986 anthology favorite DEADTIME STORIES which makes its Blu-ray format debut in the U.S. & Canada! Release date is planned for February 28th and it will offered as a Blu-ray & DVD combo.
Your favorite nightmares come to life in a horror/fantasy salute to the age-old bedtime story ritual.

Travel on a mysterious journey to a medieval world populated by blood-crazed witches, evil experiments and captive maidens. Then from the catacombs and dark caverns of medieval Europe you plunge into modern suburbia and the frolicsome adventures of a nubile lady jogger tracked by a savage werewolf. Finally, sensuality becomes macabre black comedy on the trail of three escaped mental patients who share a country house with a daffy murderess. Stars Melissa Leo (The Fighter), Scott Valentine (Family Ties) and Matt Mitler (The Mutilator, Breeders)

More details will be announced sometime in December but we can confirm that the Director is heavily-involved (always a good thing) so expect some great extras! Pre-order now for early shipping.

Deadtime Stories

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