Eli Craig to Direct Horror Comedy ‘Bride and Doom’

While we’re still anxiously awaiting the day that they finally make a sequel to “Tucker and Dale Vs Evil,” at least Eli Craig is still out here making horror comedies.

Deadline is reporting that director Eli Craig, who previously helmed “Tucker and Dale Vs Evil” and “Little Evil,” has signed on to direct “Bride and Doom” for Argent Pictures and Mandalay Pictures.

I wasn’t initially sold on the premise, but the way Deadline worded it has caught my interest:

Described as Cloverfield meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the pic follows a young couple struggling to hold onto their marriage during the worst possible wedding day imaginable.

So if this is some kind of world ending kaiju attack during a wedding, I’m all for it.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the scope of this project truly is.

Meanwhile, enjoy this trailer for “Bride Wars.” I was forced to watch this movie with my cousin once. It was . . . a movie.

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