Josh Stewart Teases ‘The Collector 3’

I remember seeing the trailer for the very first “The Collector” and thinking “Wow, this looks like a poor man’s ‘Saw.’” So, sadly, I never got around to seeing that movie until the sequel came around. At that time I thought I’d finally give the series a shot and I absolutely loved them.  So I’m pretty into the idea of a third film now.

Josh Stewart, who starred in the first two movies as the thief who gets dragged into the Collector’s twisted game, took to Twitter to tease the reveal of a third “Collector” movie.  There isn’t a whole lot to go on except a poster and a message from Stewart.  You can check it out down below.

Lock the door

— Josh Stewart (@J0SHSTEWART) May 3, 2019


Now if you remember how the last film, “The Collection,” ended then you might have a lot of questions about how a new film would work.  Will there be a new Collector? Will the original somehow escape the situation he was in?  Perhaps Josh Stewart will go down a twisted path and become the new Collector.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully we find out more soon.

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