Exclusive: Emily Goss Talks ‘The House on Pine Street’ and Much More

Emily Goss 1As I’m sure you guys are aware, we instantly fell in love with Aaron and Austin Keeling’s The House on Pine Street, I mean, just check out Shaun’s review HERE. So, with the film gearing up for its release on various TVOD platforms this September 30th via Terror Films, I had the wonderful opportunity of asking Emily Goss, who plays the role of Jennifer, a few questions and her answers are awesome!

I urge you to keep your eyes on Emily Goss, as she is destined to do very well in film, and we are super stoked to follow her journey.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Emily, thank you so much for agreeing to answer a few questions for us. We really appreciate it. I thought I’d kick things off by asking how did you get involved with the film industry and why?

[Emily Goss] – I loved to read growing up. I loved, loved movies but was always reading and lost in books. When I was in high school I decided to take an acting class one semester and it clicked – being an actor was like living in a book. It’s the most immersive form of storytelling and from then on I never looked back. I love that there is always more to learn about acting, theatre, filmmaking, the industry. You can keep digging and discovering forever.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – I’ve noticed you have starred in a slew of short films throughout your career, what was your experience like with them, and did it give you the chance to hone your craft?

[Emily Goss] – Shorts are great. Because of the amazing technology we have access to, filmmakers can make a fantastic short much cheaper and quicker than a whole feature. Friends can throw something together in a weekend instead of waiting for the phone to ring. I definitely had the opportunity to explore a wide range of characters by doing shorts and I’m stronger because of it. I’m very thankful. The other thing shorts teach you is economy – how to fully express the world, the character, everything – in a very brief amount of time. Shorts can be more challenging than features in that way.

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[Horror-Movies.ca] – In my opinion, The House on Pine Street is set to become an instant classic. It’s brilliant, haunting and deeply atmospheric. But I believe this was your first feature horror flick? What a way to blow it out of the park! What was your experience like working on the film?

[Emily Goss] – Thank you so much! Thank you. Yes, this was my first horror feature – but, speaking of shorts – I had done a horror short before. “The House On Pine Street” was just the best experience. The fun thing about acting in a horror film, especially our horror film, is that you’re playing a lot with your imagination. In other films, you have other actors to bounce off of and can tune into the reality of the moment – which is of course amazing and wonderful in its own right. Here I was often working with things that only existed in my head, while in a reality that was completely contrary to that. Sometimes the movement of a scene would be rehearsed like a dance with me, PA’s, and camera all working together. Sometimes someone would snap or say “knock” or “crash” off camera to cue me. That’s thrilling to me – living 100% in the world of the story and 100% in the actual world with the crew at the same time, twisting your brain around that…

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[Horror-Movies.ca] – Speaking of The House on Pine Street, how was it like working with Aaron and Austin Keeling? These brothers pretty much nailed it with this one. 

[Emily Goss] – I think so too! Aaron and Austin are phenomenal. Smart, kind, creative, hardworking. They proved that you can be generous, patient, and experimental and still make a good movie They also have that twin-telepathy thing. When rehearsing a scene with Taylor who plays Luke, Aaron could be watching me and Austin could be watching Taylor, for example. Then after they would give notes to each of us, and maybe at the end, right when we’re about to go, Austin would come up to me to add one more thing, but it would be exactly what Aaron had just said.

Courtesy of Michael Dawson

Courtesy of Michael Dawson

[Horror-Movies.ca] – There are often stories where the cast and crew who have worked on supernatural films sometimes experience some peculiar events on set. Did you experience anything strange?

[Emily Goss] – I didn’t personally. I totally think ghosts are real and they totally freak me out but I’ve never experienced anything… Natalie Jones, the co-writer and producer will swear by this story however… We were shooting a séance scene in the basement of the house. Quietly, C.J. our sound guy whispers to Natalie to go upstairs and tell the people up there to stop talking because he’s hearing them on the mic – laughing, etc. She goes upstairs and the only person there is Taylor Bottles, reading a book. Not talking. Not laughing. Then Natalie got the hell out of the house.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Would you like to star in more horror films in the future? Also, if you could, is there a horror franchise that you would love to be a part of?

[Emily Goss] – Absolutely I would love to work on more horror films. I’m not one to promote sequels for sequels’ sake but I think Robert Eggers’ “The Witch” was brilliant. He created a vivid, engrossing, trapping world. If he were to make another one of those… it would be pretty cool to be a part of it.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – When you were a child, did you sneak in any horror films? If so, what films truly scared you?

[Emily Goss] – Haha I was very scared of a lot of things when I was a child. Something could get in my imagination and dig its teeth in, you know? I stayed away from horror-horror movies, I think for that reason. I wouldn’t watch trailers of “The Ring.” I saw “Scary Movie 3” in middle school and the part of that movie where they spoofed “The Ring” was too much.

Emily Goss


[Horor-Movies.ca] – If you could pick just five, what are your five favorite horror films?

[Emily Goss] – “The Shining,” “The Witch,” the original “Exorcist,” “Pyscho,” “Jaws”… some of those may be more thrillers but like I said, I’ve stayed away from a lot of horror movies out of fear.

[Horor-movies.ca] – What films do you have in the pipeline, and do you have a fan-page for us to follow you on?

[Emily Goss] – I’m co-producing and acting in a relationship dramedy called “Stale Mate” with the stellar Lisa Cordileone – something totally different – and I’m very excited about that. And a gangster film I did called “American Bred” is rounding out its festival tour. We’ll see what else pops up! Yeah you can find me on various and sundry social media. Facebook is “Emily Goss” atwww.facebook.com/emilygossactress. I’m on Twitter @emilygoss650, and Instagram at emilygoss650. I post info about projects there and I’ll definitely be promoting “The House on Pine Street” September 30th TVOD release and theatrical run.

[Horor-Movies.ca] – Thank you for your time. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and we hope to see you in more horror films soon.

[Emily Goss] – Thank you so much for yours! Great speaking to you!

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