Exclusive: Marc Fehse Hitches a Ride on a Megalodon and Talks ‘Sky Sharks’

Marc Fehse’s Sky Sharks sounds as if it’s everything I ever wanted in a film, and more! It sounds and looks absolutely insane, but at the same time I’m completely fascinated by the prospect of such a film. So, you guys have had a few teases, cast announcements and even an official trailer, so we thought we’d reach out to the man behind the madness, Marc Fehse, and ask him a few questions regarding the film.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – What was the inspiration behind Sky Sharks?

[Marc Fehse] – No sleep till Braunschweig… I love Shark Movies and I love Zombie Movies… we were on set for a commercial we did for Volkswagen and in the night I got a dream about Nazi Zombies riding sharks… I love the idea and in the morning I talked to my brother…. ”Yo, what do you think about a movie where Nazi Zombies are riding sharks and eating planes…?” He said ”Fuck you, no one will see this…” Ok, in Cannes I told the story to my old friend Yazid and he said “I am in” from this point on sky sharks starts.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – I believe you’re still currently filming? How has the process been so far and what can we expect?

[Marc Fehse] – Yes we work everyday on the flick. It is more difficult as we thought, to do a movie like this in Germany it is not normal and many people don’t like flicks like ours… but we never give up. You can expect a really crazy unmoral party movie with a lot of blood, sex and Craziness! :)

[Horror-Movies.ca] – The sharks look absolutely killer! Are these created with a mix of visual and practical effects?

[Marc Fehse] – Thanks, in the trailer you see only the 3D generated Sharks, later in the movie you will see a mix of CG and practical versions of the sharks. We work on other Sharks like Megalodons or Manta Sharks, it will be a lot of fun, when they are finished we will let them fly!

[Horror-Movies.ca] – The film already stars a slew of genre veterans with the likes of Tony Todd, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Yan Birch and Lynn Lowry. Can we expect more?

[Marc Fehse] – Yes you can, but we won’t say who, because first we need to shoot with them, if it’s done, we will give you the new names of our cast. You know Barbara Nedeljakova from Hostel?

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Speaking of the cast, I believe that thrash metal legends Kreator are also attached. How did this come about?

[Marc Fehse] – We’ve known Kreator for a long time, our producer Yazid are really close to Mille [Petrozza] and he still asked him and he says! “I am in!” :)

[Horror-Movies.ca] – What if anything can you tell us about the Sky Sharks App-store game?

[Marc Fehse] – Nothing for now because our game partner are still programming, we know a little about the concept, but the working stadium is too early to say something special.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – When can we expect Sky Sharks to hit the festival circuit?

[Marc Fehse] – End of 2017

[Horror-Movies.ca] – What’s your plan for world domination? I assume it’s hitching a ride on a modified shark?

[Marc Fehse] –  Yes, on a Megalodon, because he’s got the biggest guns 😉

[Horror-Movies.ca] – What horror films left an impression on you, whether good or bad?

[Marc Fehse] – There are so many good Horror Movies out there, but my favorite is “Dawn of the Dead” for that time, Romero did a modern action, splatter and social critic movie… it really impressed me, but more movies like Robocop or Starship Troopers from Paul Verhoeven really impressed me, I like his style of shooting movies.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Thank you so much for your time. We’re so stoked for Sky Sharks and we wish you all the best. Is there anything you would like to add?

[Marc Fehse] – Thank you for your questions. Keep on supporting us and help us to realize this crazy movie!!! Thank you all for your interest in my ideas!

For more information on the film, hit up their official Facebook page.

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