Exclusive: Zach Green of Fatal Pictures Talks Heir & Much More

Heir PosterLast month we finally gave you guys the teaser trailer for Richard Powell’s latest short horror film Heir, a film which is produced by Fatal Pictures. So, I was pretty stoked by said teaser and managed to get a hold of one of the producers, Zach Green, and he kindly agreed to answer some questions regarding the film as well as other projects he and the team are working on. So, make your way below and learn a little more about Heir, and hopefully we will be seeing more of this one soon.

[Horror-Movies.ca] What can you tell us about Richard Powell’s Heir and how did you come to be involved in the project?

[Zach Green] – What I can tell you about HEIR is that it is something very different from Fatal Pictures, and there is nothing like this film out there, thematically the film is pitch black and deals with a dreadfully intense issue, the script is exceptionally intelligent, with underline and hidden messages. Also, growth was a huge reason why we wanted to make this film. We worked with Emmy winning actor Bill Oberst Jr. who was deemed the hardest working man in horror, as well as our co producers Marc Roussel and Ron Basch, Red Sneakers Media. Not to mention we were very, very fortunate enough to be able to run a successful Kickstarter Campaign. I’ll leave you with this statement from the writer/director, Richard says “What if these people really were monsters.”

[Horror-Movies] – The short stars some of the best talent in the horror genre in the form of Bill Oberst Jr., and Robert Nolan. What has the experience been like working with these fine two gentlemen?

[Zach Green] – If anyone has seen our past film(s) WORM (2010) and FAMILIAR (2012) would know I have had the pleasure and absolute honor of working with the extremely talented actor Robert Nolan. And now to have been fortunate enough to be able to have worked with Bill, never the less in the same film together was like a dream come true. It was an absolute pleasure working with such professional talent. It really made things rather smooth for Richard to direct. And the gorgeous, sexy cinematography from Michael Jari Davidson. If I can only work with such professionals the rest of my career.

Heir Photo

[Horror-Movies.ca] – I believe the short had a successful Kickstarter campaign? Do you believe this is the future of film-making and do you have any tips for budding filmmakers looking to get into crowd-funding?

[Zach Green] – I believe the future of film making relies on money. It doesn’t matter how you get it, just get it. Kickstarter is a phenomenal tool for indie professionals like myself, (the little guy) to raise awareness and money for an indie project and/or idea. I wouldn’t say it’s the future of filmmaking no. You can only ask people to help you fund your idea or product so many times. If you’re making that good of film(s) you will get the proper backing. The only tip I could possibly think of giving someone is, treat your campaign like a full-time job. You need to put in hours daily to promote and bring awareness to your campaign, and then still you need to really sell yourselves, and if you don’t have a track record with previous successful work, then good luck. Sometimes you might want to go as far as hiring a PR company or there are now companies that specialize in crowd funding success.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – For those of us that didn’t make it to the Fantasia International Film Festival for the world premiere in Montreal, when do you think us mere mortals will get to witness the film?

[Zach Green] –  HEIR will be on the festival circuit for the next couple of years I presume before the film will be officially released via iTunes, Google Play and other digital platforms. Look out for the film at a festival near you!


[Horror-Movies.ca] – We here absolutely love practical effects, and I believe you have some heavy effects in the film, was this always the intention going in?

[Zach Green] – Our intention at Fatal Pictures when it comes to any of our film(s) is always go the practical effects route. It looks and feels better when you’re creating and/or watching the footage. Not always but for me and a lot of horror fans today I talk to can and do tell when there is computer generated visuals happening, and to be 100 percent honest, I feel it takes you out of the moment and/or scene.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Can you tell us about your previous film Familiar at all?

[Zach Green] – Familiar is also a fairly dark tale. Without really giving away anything that takes place, I can tell you this.

Through a series of tragic events a middle-aged man grows to suspect the negative impulses plaguing his mind may not be his own.

The film had a very successful festival run, winning multiple awards, and can now be found on iTunes for everyone that would like to see some of Fatal Pictures previous work. Starring the always brilliant Robert Nolan and lensed by equally as talented cinematographer Michael Jari Davidson.

Heir Photo 1

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Do you or Richard have any other horror projects on the horizon?

[Zach Green] – Richard and I are currently trying to get our first feature film produced and financed. The film is based on an award-winning short film we produced together in 2010 entitled WORM as well as a few other feature script(s) we have floating around.

We are always kicking around short film ideas and coming up with the characters and stories though, as we genuinely love the art of filmmaking.

[Horror-Movies.ca] – Thanks very much for your time Zach, and we wish you all the very best in the future.

[Zach Green] – Thank you very much Chris, it was an absolute pleasure talking with you and I really appreciate you taking the time to ask me a few questions about Fatal Pictures. For all the readers please follow us for all the upcoming HEIR screenings and everything else we are up to @ www.fatalpictures.com and on Twitter @FatalPictures.

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