[Faux Trailer] This Masked Killer in ‘Canada Day’ Will Help You Celebrate in Style

Oh, Kyle Martellacci, you absolute legend! Kyle has been creating short horror movies and trailers for several years now with his independent film production company, Red Razor Pictures. He truly has found his calling as he always delivers something exciting to watch, but his latest, which is a faux trailer for the slasher film Canada Day, may just be his most fun yet.

The film features a masked killer dressed to the nines in hockey gear as he plows his way through a slew of teens as they begin to celebrate Canada’s birthday, and he does so in style. I’m not going to spoil it for you, in stead, take a peek below as well as the truly awesome artwork that Kyle also created. Be sure to let us know what you think of this one and if you like it, share with all your horror loving fiends!

Oh, and did I mention that the trailer is presented in glorious 4k!

SynopsisWhen Canada’s birthday celebrations are intruded by a masked maniac, young beautiful Canadians fear for their lives.

5 friends, Victoria, Hudson, Regina, Timothy, and their American friend Bub must come face to face with the killer before it’s too late. But who could it be? The local police, officer Ryan or officer Ryan? Barrie Brantford, the man banished from Canada during its independence, or Bub, the vacationing American friend?

It might seem obvious and it is. But for these friends, it’ll take a few murders to get their answers. Hosers and Hockey players beware.

Find out in this trailer so extended you might as well have seen an entire film.

The faux trailer stars Stephanie Moran, Bradley Hamilton, Elizabeth McSheffrey, Paul Eagle, Dave Campbell, Fabio Ricci, Melodie Hudder, Aileigh Karson, Clayton Millette, Jessica Sutherland, and Rony Belizaire. Will Mctavish provided the music.

For more information on what Kyle and his team are up to, hit up their official Facebook page, just keep an eye out this July 1st, as this killer may live next door to you!

Canada Day

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