First Look at Thomas Negovan’s Creature Feature Short ‘Aurora’

From Thomas Negovan and Aaron Shaps comes their short film, Aurora, a film which takes a look at the first documented UFO crash in American history, the April 17, 1897, crash in Aurora, Texas. But, these guys are going one step further with the popular conspiracy that German scientists developed an antigravity engine in the 1940s and suggesting that it’s connected with the UFO sighting of 1897.

And better yet, the guys are delivering the short in black and white, and so far it looks aesthetically gorgeous, with some killer concept art of the creature and a unique spacesuit for The Fledermaus Pilot of the crashed UFO.

Below we have a little video which not only introduces us to the project, but also gives us our first look via a teaser trailer. If you like what you see or even the idea and would like to help these guys create this unique short, hit up their Kickstarter page and see how you can help. As always, there are some awesome perks to be had.

Face Off winners Rayce Bird and J. Anthony Kosar created the creature which has been dubbed “Pango”.

The short film stars Jack Campbell as Sgt T.J. Weems and Robert Boulter as the Fledermaus Pilot.

For more information on the film, hit up their official Facebook page.

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Fledermaus Pilot

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