First Official Trailer & Clip for ‘Meathook Massacre II’

Did you guys ever get a chance to witness Dustin Ferguson’s Meathook Massacre? If not, you can score yourself a copy of the film on VHS right HERE! So, a sequel is on the horizon and it’s aptly titled Meathook Massacre II, and we’ve scored the official trailer and clip from the upcoming film.

The film stars Deborah Dutch (Hard To Die, 976-Evil 2), Dawna Lee Heising (Blade Runner, Big trouble in Little China), Jennii Caroline (Silent Night, Bloody Night 2, Camp Blood 4), and Breana Mitchell (The Amityville Legacy, Camp Blood 5).

We don’t have a synopsis for you at this time, but judging by the original film, we can assume it will involve the masked lunatic wielding a meathook, and tons of carnage!

This one stars a slew of scream queens including our good friend Dawna Lee Heising, so we’re pretty stoked for this one. But how about you? Does this one do anything for you? Let us know if ytou’ll be keeping an eye on this one or not?

The film is expected to hit Vimeo, VHS and DVD February 2017.

For more information on the film as well as the previous flick, hit up their official Facebook page.




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