Mondo Teams with Matt Ryan Tobin for This Awesome ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Poster

One of the reasons why A Nightmare on Elm Street is still possibly my favorite horror film of all-time, is of course due to the film itself, but also the original artwork. It just emitted awesomeness. And as such, it has spawned a slew of variations with each giving something different from the perspective of the artist that has created them. So, today, we have another Elm Street poster for you, and it’s pretty sweet.

Maybe some of you had the chance to see this one of even scored a copy when they were on sale this past weekend at the Alamo Drafthouse’s Never Sleep Again marathon? But, if not, you guys have yet another chance. Matt Ryan Tobin’s artwork is set to be on sale of at Mondo TODAY! As always, supplies are extremely limited, so, keep your eyes peeled over at their official Twitter page for when they go on sale.

There are two posters up for grabs. You have the regular edition which is 36″x24″ and is limited to 250. This one will go on sale for $45. And then you have the “Variant” edition, which is 36″x24″ and is limited to just 125. This sucker will set you back $65, but it’s worth every penny. Check them both out below, begging with the regular edition.

Elm Street Regular Mondo

Elm Street Variant Mondo

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