First Poster & Trailer for Left 2 Die

Let it be known, if you go camping you’re open to all sorts of beasties, be it bugs, critters or sometimes a crazed maniac out to cause you a world of pain, this brings me to David Palmieri’s Left 2 Die.

This one looks like its right on the money, its got that throwback feel to it and if you use practical effects, you rank high in my book. Below we have the poster, trailer and a synopsis courtesy of TomCat Films, give it a watch.

The film stars Cassie Daniels and Chris Todd.

Synopsis: “They say when a teenager goes in the woods, there’s always bloody murder, especially if the woman is beautiful and sexy. Based on a true story of the serial killer Freddy Palmer, this is more than an urban legend.

Freddy as a child, witnessed his parents murdered by three robbers dressed in clown masks. This crime sent him in a frenzy of revenge that would include anyone he can get his bloody axe into.

When six teenagers go on a weekend party trip of sex, beer and drugs, each one ends up with a bloody death.

But when Laura, is left for dead, she goes to hell in a way she never thought would be possible, a fight for survival that would live to tell this story.

From the makers of the Camp Blood saga and Death Factory the producers of this motion picture took a risk of telling the Freddy Palmer story, a risk because he’s still out there… looking for you.”

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