The Ghost Show Episode 1: Our New Video Podcast!

Those of you who are regular members of our community probably are not surprised by this announcement but I am pleased to announce a new Video Podcast for called ‘The Ghost Show’ with your flamboyant host, Ghost The Keeper of Night.

This new featured horror video show will be our new Friday Feature and is as you guessed it all about horror and will feature the latest news, reviews, commentary and special appearances by your favourite… or not so favorite…  horror nuts like myself, DethBanger, PoppaScotch, TerrorCorner, Goon, MovieMaven and regular readers just like you. ( somebody should tell Goon and MovieMaven )

Episode 1 was a learning process for us and the incredibly talented host and editor GHOST. I am very happy with how episode 1 turned out and I am even more excited how well Ghost took the feedback from the staff of this site and made Episode 2 which is already in the can that much better!

I invite you to watch Episode 1 below and give us some feedback  on what you thought, what you liked and what you want to see in a future episode.

I want to thank Ghost for taking the time to shoot this and for volunteering his time and talents to the site.  We are the home of the show but he is the talent and the brains behind it and kudos to him for developing a great concept.

Look out for Episode 2 next Friday. If your good little boys and ghouls we might release early just to show you how much things have evolved in such a short time. Next episode promises a bit less sugar, cutting edge special FX and your favorite new horror host Ghost Keeper of Night.

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