Girls and Corpses Team Up with TomCat Films for ‘Blood Rites’

Girls and Corpses Team Up with TomCat Films for Blood RitesYou guys are familiar with the awesome Girls and Corpses magazine, right? Of course you are! I mean, it is a little bit awesome. So it just makes sense that one day they would get into the whole video distribution gig and it just so happens to be with TomCat Films, and they have partnered up for their first release which is Blood Rites, and that sucker is available this April 1st. So, make your way below and check out all the details you need.

Just to mention, Girls and Corpses, founder by Robert “Corpsy” Rhine, just so happens to be the executive producer on ROb Zombies much talked about flick 31.

From the Press Release:

Girls And Corpses Presents first release under the TomCat label, is Blood Rites, which goes on sale April 1st on DVD and has been selected to run cable VOD by Gravitas on 6/1/15 and will be available on the following USA affiliates: COX, DISH network, Charter On Demand, Tecko, Mediacom, SuddenLink, RCN, Optimum, Bresnan Communications. Frontier And in Canada: Rogers on Demand, Cogeco Cable, Eastlink TV and others.

Girls and Corpses Magazine has partnered with TomCat Films to release a slate of original indie horror films. Girls and Corpses Presents will be displayed at the front of films approved for release and sanctioned as meeting the high standards of the worldwide newsstand magazine phenomenon, Girls and Corpses, founded by Robert “Corpsy” Rhine, who states, “The success of G&C magazine has led to several great film opportunities, such as with TomCat Films and the film I am Executive Producing for Rob Zombie called “31.”

Production has now been completed on Girls and Corpses Presents on a series of dark comedic vignettes hosted by Tera Patrick and Robert “Corpsy” Rhine as a bickering deadly duo who dig horror movies. Tera Patrick is internationally recognized as a best selling author, actress, magazine cover supermodel, TV host, former Hall of Fame Adult Star and owner of TeraVision. Patrick and Rhine recently co-starred as a pair of murderous home invasion robbers in Angel Of Darkness: The Legend of Lillith for TomCat Films.

Girls and Corpses Presents is releasing four acquisitions a year to coincide with each quarterly issue of the printed magazine. In addition to releasing on DVD and Blu-Ray, the company is in talks with major digital and online streaming companies to create a dedicated channel of content curated by the Girls and Corpses Team. “We are always open and looking for sick and original horror films we can distribute under the Girls and Corpses Presents banner, “ explains Rhine.

The first DVD release to be flying the Girls and Corpses banner, on April 1st is Unfiltered Entertainment’s Blood Rites, directed by Dorothy Booraem, who co-wrote the project with Producer Chad Haufschild. The team previously collaborated on microbudget smash success, Wake The Witch. Blood Rites is a macabre treat inspired by Giallo, a terrifying genre popularized by masters such as Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. Blood Rites can be ordered on Amazon.

“I have worked with Ted Chalmers at TomCat films as an actor on several films he has produced, such as: Nazi Dawn, Snake Club: Revenge of The Snake Woman, Angel Of Darkness: The Legend of Lilith, Disaster Wars and Grand Auto Theft. Most recently, I co-starred in TomCat films Aliens V.S. Titanic. I respect Ted Chalmers, who does an amazing job producing and releasing cost-effective horror films for the worldwide market. I am thrilled to put our Girls and Corpses brand on films we feel will shake up the marketplace with original, and very scary, movies. Ted is a very creative filmmaker and businessman and has had great success with domestic and international film distribution,” explains Girls and Corpses Publisher/Deaditor-In-Chief Robert “Corpsy” Rhine.

“Robert has created a thriving brand for this niche that we’re thrilled to be a part of,” states TomCat CEO, Ted Chalmers. TomCat Films, often described as a cross between The Asylum (Sharknado) and Playboy, has a longstanding reputation as a genre label specializing in mockbusters, horror films and exciting alt entertainment for worldwide audiences. “This partnership is a perfect fit for both brands and I am confident that we can leverage our capabilities, respectively, toward a thriving partnership for years to come.”

Girls and Corpses Team Up with TomCat Films for Blood Rites

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