Horror Fans Try Their “Ouija” hand With Summon Short Film

There is a lot of news circling about around the new Ouija movie set to come out just in time for Halloween. And with a substantial budget backing the title, I’m sure it will at will at least be great spook-candy for the eyes. But what about for us filmmakers still trying to break into the industry with little or no money? Well, this is exactly what writer/director Brock Otterbacher is setting out to do with their short Summon.

Built By Cyclops is the production company for the short and Brock works with partner Danny Reams (who is the editor and DP) as they formed the company together. While the company is still in its infancy, they’ve got an oddball children’s show in development. And if you anything like me, you love perusing the odd and unfettered while looking for new Netflix titles or looking at the latest shows on the popular “Machinima”  YouTube channel.

As I love indie film-makers, and Brock is a horror-fanatic like us trying his hand in the devilish cinematic arts, I figured I would give a nod his way. The team has a feature length doc in production and as if that’s not enough, they’re in the early stages of a feature length film, which is a sci-fi romantic comedy.

Back to the horror,  the short movie Summon was made in hopes of turning it into a feature-length film and you can get a first-look at it here before it hits the festival circuit. The idea here was, instead of doing a really short proof of concept which is all the rage now, they wanted to make something a bit longer, to allow for more time to weave in different tones, from the silly to the spooky, and everything in-between.

Check out the 18-minute short and let us know how you think this can work as a feature:

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