Ready For “The Deathday Party”?

Just scored another trailer for the psychological crime-thriller The Deathday Party, which is about a woman, Helen, who wakes up in a cold and unfamiliar operating room with no memory of how she ended up there. And from the trailer, this looks super creepy as its implied that she was pregnant before being kidnapped and wakes up no longer carrying a child. Now this concept absolutely creep me out! She is then transported to an interrogation room and then to underground caves in a mystical U.S. city with no explanation of how it is all taking place.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the film has already been sold in Hong Kong to My Way Films, along with having sold in other parts of Southeast Asia. It was presented to buyers for the first time at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Deathday Party represents a new breed of Chinese film that takes on Hollywood-style concepts, pace and storytelling. The film is set entirely in an imaginary city in the U.S., and all of its combined concepts make it a breakthrough film that will drive its sales potential all around the world,” said Elliot Tong, head of Asian sales and acquisitions for Arclight Films.”

Here is the short synopsis released by Darclight Entertainment:

Helen and Danny, are a couple whose lives are turned upside down when Danny is injured trying to save his wife and unborn child. With the help of investigators, Helen goes deep into her subconscious to find the answers she needs to save her family.

The Deathday Party film is Eddie Tse’s directorial debut, and it features Archie Kao, Anita Yuen and Xiong Naijin.

And check out the trailer which less than half is in English and the rest in Mandarin , but still looks pretty bad-ass:

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