Kids vs. Monsters: An Exclusive Inside Look!


We got an exclusive look at this thrilling throw-back treat that reminds me of such classics like Monster Squad and the Gremlins movies from the 80s. What movie am I talking about, you ask? Well, none other than the best kept secret to what I believe will be one of the best come-backs to critter features with bratty kids put in the mix with a little hellish fun peppered in. While some can say this is like Willy Wonka held in the underworld, there will definitely be one thing you will be saying by the end of this story: Why haven’t I heard of Kids vs. Monsters before!?!

Here are the deets on the synopsis:

The six richest people in the world each have the same problem: their intolerable and very expensive children. Fortunately for them, there is a mysterious entity called Boss Monster that is happy to help. He has some terrors of his own and cannot wait to clash them against these insufferable kids during one night of mayhem and monsters.

Currently in the middle of post, the folks over at Dark Dunes Productions took the time to talk to to chat about what makes practical effects so great in horror films and why “old school” aesthetics is one of many nostalgic reasons why anyone who grew up in the 80s would love to make a movie like this.

Read at your leisure and take notes as any filmmaker or writer like myself just loves to learn “how they do it.” And, if you’re at all like me, get energized by the fact that there are people making cool, zany projects like this and taking their chance at the multi-billion spooks and scares business that surrounds Halloween. So get in on the fun, but read this first.


Q:  What drew you to Kids vs. Monsters? What influenced you to make this film?

A: (Sultan Saeed Darmaki – Director) I grew up watching a lot of monster movies, with my first being the original King Kong, and have always been an avid fan of the genre. However, monster movies weren’t the only influences on Kids vs Monsters, the other influences include: Roald Dahl, Monty Python and classic cartoons.

A: (Mallory O’Meara – Producer) The story. It’s as if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory crashed into The Cabin in the Woods. It sounded so crazy in the very beginning, with all the kids, monsters, parents and locations. But when we all sat down for the first script read-through, it was clear that we were all going to have a blast in the midst of the madness. Sarah Daly, our writer, really took the doors off in terms of satire, slapstick and fun. And what influenced me to be a part? What we always say at Dark Dunes Productions – we love monsters!


Q: What excites you about Kids vs. Monsters? What’s the most surprising part of story?

A: (Sultan Saeed Darmaki – Director) Apart from being my directorial debut, what excites me about KVM is that I got to work with a great cast made up of veterans of the genre and upcoming stars, an awesome crew and practical monsters, not to mention the amount of fun I had while I was directing it! It is very-lighthearted for a monster movie and yet, there are instances when you realize that this is very different from traditional kid’s movies. Also, they will be surprised by the amount of monsters we have in this film and all of them are practical (Puppets, Animatronics, Make-Up and Suits).

A: (Mallory O’Meara – Producer) The practical special effects in this film are the most exciting part for me. A lot of great strides are being made to bring PFX back to films, but the ones that get the most press are usually horror, or science fiction. It’s exciting to remind the world that practical make-ups, suit performers, and animatronics can all be paired with comedy for amazing results. With a film that doesn’t take itself seriously like KVM, it’s easy to forget that underneath all the mayhem, the story is a satire. It’s actually a pretty dark story, with the richest people in the world wanting to kill their own children to save themselves money.

YetiKidsvsMonstersQ: What was your favorite stunt or practical effect that you pulled off in the movie?

A: (Sultan Saeed Darmaki – Director) All of them, to be honest! There are a number of stunt scenes in this film and I enjoyed doing all of them. Capturing monsters and slapstick comedy on camera is probably the best thing that can put a smile on my face, any day!

A: (Mallory O’Meara – Producer) My favorite stunt, easily, is the atomic wedgie moment (that I won’t ruin for you)! Sitting down with a team to discuss the logistics of an atomic wedgie is one of the coolest things in the world. But favorite practical effect? Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. really outdid themselves with the diversity of the monsters in this film. Everyone will end up with a favorite, and mine is the tentacled, Cthulhu-inspired character of Rebecca. The team at ADI even had little motors in the tentacles to make them move!

SultanMallory-KVMQ: What was the most challenging/rewarding part of making this film?

A: (Sultan Saeed Darmaki – Director) The most challenging part of making this film was directing a feature film for the first time. Luckily, I was blessed to have an experienced crew that taught me a lot. By the time we finished filming, I had learned so much, all of which I will definitely implement into my future films and that itself was the most rewarding part of making this film.

A: (Mallory O’Meara – Producer) Keeping all the craziness contained and moving forward. With such a huge cast and crew, lots of monsters (suit performers, actors in make-up appliances, and puppets) and sometimes live animals, it was quite a balancing act. But the most rewarding part? We absolutely did it! And now we feel like can really do anything.

Kids vs. Monsters stars Malcolm McDowell, Lance Henriksen and Armand Assante. It is also produced by Adamo Cultraro of Taormina Productions and Lawrie Brewster of Hex Media, with special effects by Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. Personally, I’m super excited to continue the chat with another female producer making it in the biz as I had the fun, fortunate chance to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with Mallory. Long story short, we were both guest speakers at a “A Bloody Good Horror Movie Screenwriter’s Party” panel at the Phoenix Comic Con just this past summer and it’s just great seeing another writer/producer “walk the talk”.

Since this movie is so fresh, the trailer hasn’t come out you, but you can bet your butts that will get our hands on it as soon as it’s sliced and ready to serve. :)

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