New Indie Film ‘Slay Utterly’ Explores the Uncaught Ax Murderer of Iowa

Stuart Walin’s newest film ‘Slay Utterly’ will explore the unsolved murders of the ‘Ax Man’ in Villisa Iowa in 1912.

Though the murder house is well-known today among paranormal investigators, what few realize is that the Villisca murders were not unique. In fact, at least two-dozen murders are attributed to an unknown “Ax Man,” who tore a bloody path through America’s heartland during a two-year period.

Stuart Walin directed a 2013 Documentary on the gruesome murders call ‘The Ax Man Enigma’ and this 2014 film will dive into the story with Bill Oberst Jr Starring. Checkout the trailer below for the indie production and help support them by sharing it with your friends.

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