New Sneak Peak Clip For Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 9

The upcoming mid season return of The Walking Dead Season 4 is promising big things. In Episode 9 of The Walking Dead Season 4 Rick deals with old wounds as members of the prison come to terms with their new environment and the new challenges of survival.

Rick is now physically and mentally broken as he and his son separated from their survival party must seek out shelter. Carl has become  the new leader between father and son now that the fences are gone and the safety of the prison has evaporated.

The producers long ago promised that this new season of The Walking Dead would be the most emotional with a much larger scale and from the 4minute clip below it seems this is becoming a reality.

The new Walking Dead Seaosn 4 clip promises that the world will be much larger and relationships will be broken as a new and more brutal world unfolds before the survivors.

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