New Zombies From Outer Space Trailers

We first gave you guys the heads up on Martin Faltermeier’s Zombies From Outer Space nearly a year ago, and while that time has quickly flashed before our eyes the film has also been making headway as they have put together two new trailers, and we have them for you below courtesy of Undead Backbrain.

Sometimes in horror its nice to have some irony thrown around and of course humor is always welcomed, and Zombies from Outer Space perfectly executes both of these and quite frankly, this looks freaking badass!

If there was ever a film that I needed to see, it would be this sucker right here, fifties setting with zombies and aliens, this is my idea of movie heaven. :)

Zombies from Outer Space is written & directed by Martin Faltermeier and stars Vlasto Peyitch, Fabienne Dussaussois and Juliane Kammerl.

Synopsis“Bavaria in the late fifties. One day the life of Maria, a young girl, changes when she stumbles upon the dead body of an woman. Scientist Dr. Robert Hölzlein and the American lieutenant John Welles, stationed in Bavaria, are commissioned to solve what is obviously a murder case. But trouble seems inevitable as both are interested in the beautiful Maria. As more and more dead women are discovered in the area, along with mysterious sightings of unidentified flying objects, fear and mistrust grows among the inhabitants.

While inspecting a crop circle Lieutenant Welles finds a dead alien, and an autopsy of the strange corpse leads Hölzlein to a terrible conclusion. Too late he discovers the connection between the dead women and the inexplicable UFO visitations. Before he can alert the population, however, undead aliens rise from their tombs beneath crop circles throughout the district, their aim to destroy humanity. Will the two rivals, Robert and John, realise in time that their only chance for survival is to work together?”

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