Save The Night of the Living Dead Chapel!

LivingDeadGirl aka Amanda shot me a tweet this morning informing me that one of the most important landmarks in zombie lore is facing destruction. The Evans City Chapel that was featured in George Romero’s classic film Night of the Living Dead requires $50,000 in repairs and has fallen into a terrible state of repair after being left to rot and used as a storage shed.

A new site has been put together to seal the fate of the chapel in a good way and to attempt to raise the funds to have it restored. Frankly I am all for this idea so long as two things happen. Somebody takes responsibility to make sure that the building is maintained once we all make a donation and that a plaque honoring George Romero is placed on the building. Something to the effect of ‘The Evans City Chapel restored in honor of George Romero by his Appreciative XXXX Fans’. With the XXX being the number of donors.

I encouarge every one of you to make a donation of $1 – $10. If all of our readers did that they would have their $50,000 in less then 2 days. So dont be one of those people who says your going to do it but go and do it. Do without your coffee today like I will go make a donation. Before you do that TWEET this post and share it on your Facebook wall to help draw your friends into this campaign.

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