Part Human. Part Dinosaur. All Soldier. It’s ‘Killersaurus’

When it’s not sharks it’s dinosaurs, but how do you make a T-Rex more terrifying than it already is? Well, you modify that sucker to become the ultimate battlefield weapon, and we have the official artwork and trailer for Steve Lawson’s Killersaurus, so you get get a glimpse.

To be fair, the artwork is actually pretty killer, pardon the pun, but the trailer certainly leaves a lot to be desired, although it may turn out to be a pretty awesome popcorn flick.

The film stars Julian Boote, Adam Collins, Helen Crevel, Steven Dolton, Vicki Glover, Kenton Hall, and Marc Hamill.

SynopsisWhen a scientist runs short of funding for his life-saving medical Bio-Printing research, he accepts an offer of investment from a shadowy military organisation. In return, he is forced to use his technology to create the ultimate battlefield weapon – a full size Tyrannosaures Rex. After a horrific accident in which the dinosaur massacres his research team, the scientist shuts down the project. However, his investors demand results and it can only be a matter of time before the deadly T-Rex is unleashed upon the world.

Wild Eye Releasing will be unleashing the film onto DVD September 27, 2016. You can pre-order your copy via Amazon HERE.

So, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of this one? Will you be checking this one?


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