Raised By Wolves Trailer

Raised By Wolves TrailerHere comes another found footage film titled Raised By Wolves which is helmed by the Butcher Brothers. What an incredible name for a horror-movie directing duo and you may have remembered them from their Sundance Film Festival selected title The Violent Kind. This is the second feature in their horror line-up with two others in pre-production.

Here’s what we got for the synopsis released by Highland Film Group:

When a group of extreme skaters go searching for an empty pool rumored to be behind an abandoned house in the barren desert, they learn they should not have ignored the rumors that the house is haunted by a demonic presence and a dark history of occultism. What follows is a terrifying tale of evil possession causing the friends to slowly turn against each other.

Although the title may allude to the idea of wolves being involved in one shape or another, rest assured that the synopsis sums up everything you can expect in this movie. So I gather that the whole “raised by wolves” part alludes to the killer that is super unsocial and “wild” that gives this title its namesake. But hey, dare to dream for the next great werewolf movie to come out as those are few and far between. In the meantime, watch a bunch of punk kids that really deserve to die as they go on a road trip to a super creepy and abandoned house. And if that doesn’t entice you, I believe I forgot to mention that Jenna Haze (an adult film star) also rounds out the cast in this one. Not that you watch these movies for overtly sexualized people, but they do make an appearance from time to time in these flicks. And for what it is worth, the spooky parts do look, well, spooky.

And for those who like to look and found-footage of creepy people wandering around abandoned houses, look no further:

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