Scream 4’s Neve Campbell Makes Top 5 Scream Queens

With Scream 4 now playing in theaters one of the leading destinations for online ticket sales nearly 5,000 people regarding their favorite “scream queen” of all time.  An overwhelming 58% of fans selected Jamie Lee Curtis as their favorite – edging out Scream’s Neve Campbell to be crowned the Queen of Screams! Lets have a  look at the 5 Top Scream Queens on the list

Number 5 with 8% of the vote: Sigourney Weaver [ ALIEN Franchise ]

Sigourney Weaver, Scream Queen

Number 4 with 9% of the Vote: Sarah Michelle Gellar [ I Know What You Did Last Summer ]

Number 3 with 10% of the Vote: Linda Blair [ Exorcist ]

Number 2 with 16% of the Vote: Neve Campbell [ SCREAM ]

Number 1 with 58% of the Vote: Jamie Lee Curtis [ PROM / Halloween ]

Now that you have seen the top 5 I want you to vote for your favorites below. You are allowed TWO votes per person so pick your two favorites. I have to ask why Sigourney landed at #5 I mean really? And why so many other talented actresses did not make this list. Heck I have to ask myself how Sarah even made this list. To me the top 5 is all kinds of wrong but hey I am but one guy and 5,000 fans cant be wrong. How do you rank’s Top 5 Scream Queens, vote below!

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