Stag Night of The Dead Release Date & Trailer

We have covered this movie before but I just now finally got to watching the trailer for this indie comedy proving that once again you can make the zombie genre new and fun if you really Try.

Set in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, the film follows a group of likely lads as they head off to a run down military base with a PVC clad stripper for the ultimate stag party experience. Forget paintball, at Zomball you get to shoot zombies with stun guns. It’s a game that is literally more than life or death. After breaking the golden rule of Zomball — “never humiliate a zombie” — it becomes a fight for survival as the truth about the new world order is revealed and suddenly the mother-in-law is the least of Dean’s problems…

It Will be released on Itunes on January 9th and those of you in the UK will also be able to buy it on DVD

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