Survive The Zombie Apocalypse With a $10,000 Doomsday Shelter

CNN ran an interesting article today about an economy class doomsday shelter that is made by a company called Vivos. The bomb shelters which sell for as little as $10,000 are designed to help you and your family survive the end of days and although they dont mention Zombies I much like the CDC believe a zombie attack is a serious threat we must plan for.

The Shelters can withstand a 50 megaton nuclear explosion and each facility is equipped with batter backup bans, a deep water well, and air filtration for biological, chemical and radioactive elements as well as sewage disposal. Checkout a video for their product below. Anyone want to chip in and get one with me? I should point out I will be going by Overlord should we ever need to enter this bad boy to fight off the hordes of undead… or something else for that matter.

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