Teens Run Amuck In ‘Sugar Skull Girls’

sugarskullgirlWhat do you get when you take three demonic sisters who look like voodoo dolls, who then accidentally conjure up an evil witch while raising a girl from the dead? Well, the Sugar Skull Girls of course! This movie doesn’t skip out on the campy or cheesy, but there is also some really cool moments as well. It’s the kind of genre that I have missed as I would liken this title to movies such as The Craft and Ginger Snaps – which don’t come along so often anymore.

Here is the synopsis from Potent Media:

Three demonic sisters who resemble neo-goth voodoo dolls are accidentally conjured from the other side during a failed attempt to raise a little girl from the dead. With impeccable fashion sense and teen aged angst, the Sugar Skull Girls will stop at nothing to escape the clutches of The Pale Witch, the ruler of The Shadow world.

Here the latest from Horror Movies Uncut:

It’s been a while since we heard anything from the kids horror flick from Potent Media SUGAR SKULL GIRLS. The feature stars the talented Carmella Hayslett along with Michael Berryman, THE WALKING DEAD’s Addy Miller and THE POLICE ACADEMY’s Leslie Easterbrook and has a new trailer for us all to see. SUGAR SKULL GIRLS comes from the team that brought us APOCOLYPSE KISS and is a dark and twisted looking fairy tale about a group of bad little goth demons hell bent on taking over the world. Read the latest release and take a look at the trailer from Christian Jude Grillo and Potent Media.

The trailer is fantastic and it looks as if the team may turn the project into a series of films or possibly a television show. Potent Media has the capabilities to make this a Power Rangers for goth kids and the trailer shows how fun this concept can be. Enjoy it and look for more updates as we find out the direction the studio will take with Sugar Skull Girls.

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