The 10 Greatest Werewolf Movies of All Time!

This may seem like an odd film for this list, but I have to admit it’s a guilty pleasure for me.  This movie is just flat out fun.  And hey, Christopher Lee is in it…how awesome is that?  As a sequel, it’s pretty usual fare, especially for the 80’s but I dig it.  And for you boobie hounds, make sure you stick around for the end credits just to count how many times Sybil Danning rips her top open.  It’s pretty funny.

9.   The Wolf Man (1941)

So you know I have to give some love to the Wolf Man.  I would like to put it higher, but it’s more a sentimental nod than anything.  This film helped shaped all the werewolf films after it.  Even if Lon Chaney Jr. looks like nothing more than a hirsute man about town and is probably the only known carnivore to choke his victims, this transformation is still cool to watch today.

8.   Wolf (1999)

I know a  lot of people crapped on this film but I think it is highly underrated.  Jack Nicholson’s wolf man is another example of poor shaving hygiene and although I prefer the more wolfy wolves, this film is plenty deeper than most realize upon the first viewing.

7.   Wolfen (1981)

Wolfen is another one that doesn’t fit the traditional werewolf film ideas, but it’s cool nonetheless.  These are shape shifters in the sense that they turn into actual wolves from Native American folklore.  A nice change from the full moon bit.  Plus there is a great cast with Albert Finney, Gregory Hines and Edward James Olmos.

6.   The Company of Wolves (1984)

This fractured fairytale is one of my favorites (obviously it’s on the list…I know).  It has a creepy feel that puts me in mind of Sleepy Hollow.  Neil Jordan who also directed The Crying Game, In Dreams and Interview with the Vampire brings the fable of Little Red Riding Hood to life with a nasty little twist.  This film is much more than your everyday werewolf movie.  It delves deep into numerous themes and is saturated with sexual connotations.  Men really are beasts.

5.   Ginger Snaps (2000)

Just when I was starting to think that the days of good werewolf flicks were behind me, along came Ginger.  And she rocked.  The wolf itself was a little disappointing for me, but everything up to it made it well worth the ride.  Ginger and her equally twisted sister, Brigitte love the macabre and spend the majority of their time setting up grisly displays of death and morbidity. I love these chicks.  One day, though, reality comes a-knockin’ and Ginger answers the door.  That is when the fun really begins.

4.   Silver Bullet (1985)

How can you not love a film that involves a drunk Gary Busey?  Doesn’t every Gary Busey film fit that category?  And every home video he wandered into?  Oh well.  In this entry based on a Stephen King story, Corey Haim is in a wheelchair, his sister mostly gets on my nerves and someone in town is having their time of the month.    A staple in any lupine video collection, Silver Bullet ended up being much better than it should have been.  It is chock full of one-liners and fun scenes.  How can you not laugh when the creature steals your weapon and beats you with it?

3.   Dog Soldiers (2002)

Wow.  All I could say when I watched this film was “wow.”  Neil Marshall  (The Descent, Doomsday) brings forth a masterpiece of modern lycanthropic cinema.  Superb performances are seen from Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Liam Cunningham and one of my favorites, Darren Morfitt.  You actually care about the characters, it’s fast-paced and scary, and I am crazy about the effects.  Marshall proves you don’t have to be chained to your PC to produce clever, enjoyable creatures.

2.   An American Werewolf in London (1981)

John Landis’ perfect film is not only scary but funny and even created an Oscar category.  Damn.  In this film you will witness the greatest ever transformation scene.  27 years later and no one has touched it or even come close.  David Naughton is the sexiest werewolf I have ever seen too.   You absolutely cannot go wrong here and if you have never seen it, what are you waiting for?  How can you call yourself a fan?  Get out there NOW and watch it.

An American Werewolf in London

1.   The Howling (1981)

Okay, while I am perfectly aware that AAWiL is the superior film technically, there will always be a special place in my heart for The Howling.  Isn’t it interesting though that two of the greatest werewolf films ever made came out in the same year?  I saw them both in the theater and even back then loved The Howling.  I knew it would always be my favorite.  For one, I have a thing for bipedal werewolves.  They are scarier to me because they look completely unnatural.  Also this film is sexy and raw.  I probably quote this film more than any other.

I honestly didn’t think it would be so hard to narrow down this topic but since werewolves are my favorite, I guess I should have known better.  It didn’t really seem like there would be that many good ones but I had a tough time.  This week I am awarding three

Honorable Mentions:

Teen Wolf (1985) – It may not be a horror film but Michael J Fox as a wolf man hottie is hilarious.  A perfect example of the typical 80’s comedy, Teen Wolf is a good time waiting to happen.

Scream of the Wolf (1974) – Okay this is NOT a good film but c’mon it’s got Clint Walker AND Peter Graves.  These are two of the manliest men that have ever lived and you get them both for the price of one.  And somewhere amid them walking around going “I’m Clint Walker” and “I’m Peter Graves” you get some wolf stuff goin on.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah – LOL This is not a film at all but a clip from the show 30 Rock.  If you are not familiar, look it up.  Tracey Morgan sang this little diddy as a novelty song flashback complete with video.  I can no longer hear the words werewolf or Bar Mitzvah without thinking of this.

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