Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

The team on our site are hard at work blasting out some great top 10 2012 Horror lists for you all to enjoy as we reflect back the year. I will have many contributions the first of which is a look back at the best horror movie posters of 2012.

Over the past few years horror posters have gotten really bad. This article however is not to focus on the lows but rather the highs as we look back at the coolest horror movie posters of 2012. So without further ado here is my list with contributions by DirtyGirl and HorrorQueen two of my writers.

ABC’s of Death

A poster that can relay the message in a minimalist style will always be tops in my books. This is one of the most creative posters I have seen in many years lets hope the movie is half as good.

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

Cabin in the Woods Mondo Poster

We all knew that Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods would not be your usual fare and this poster makes it clear that all is not as it seems.  The use of the washed out brown parchment is perfect and reminds me of a classic murder mystery cover.

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

Cell Count

We were given very little information on the film and I have never seen it but the classic monster movie poster format is fantastic.

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

Dead Shadows

Loooking at the poster tells you the story without giving anything away. I have been trying to watch this movie for weeks with limited success but hopefully I will accomplish it and review it soon. Poster = Fantastic.

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters


Excision made a few of our teams To 10 Horror of 2012 lists. The the poster has a really unique Victorian style which makes it stand out in a sea of floating heads and recycled stock photos.

The Pact

The poster tells the story but it doesnt spoil it. The Pact’s posters draws you in asking, what is this about? A pretty solid 2012 horror film with a truly crafty poster.

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

Troma’s Fathers Day

Do I need to explain this one at all ? Its classic Troma!

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

Spiders 3D

Again my love of classic monster movies draws me to this really well done poster that reminds me of the original SEGA game console game covers. I truly hope I get to see this in 3D somehow but I wont be holding my breath.

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

Theatre Bizarre

Again the best posters are the ones that relay a message without words. There is no question there is something bizarre going on in this poster.

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

Killer Joe

Admittedly more thriller then horror this film KILLER JOE is by Exorcist director William Friedkin and has one of the most disturbing scenes I have seen ina awhile. It is also featured as part of the poster. You will never look at KFC the same again

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

The Loved Ones

Easily the best horror movie of 2012 with one of the most vicious villains ever.  I will never date a woman named Lola.  The poster is the icing on the cake.

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters


Last but not least is Paranorman again because of my love of this particular style of poster artwork.

Top 2012 Horror Movie Posters

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