Top Five Horror Movie Deaths by Glass!

Glass. It’s everywhere. It’s part of our daily lives. We make use it for windows, eyeglasses, wine glasses, windshields and a whole host of other things. Under the normal run of things, glass items are pretty harmless. However, these people below will tell you otherwise.

5.  Final Destination.

If we strip away the story line, plot and character development, suspend disbelief for a while and just focus on the kills, it’s kinda fun in a “guilty pleasure” sort of way. Tim, one of the survivors of flight 180 gets his ticket punched. Shooing pigeons out of his way causes them to fly up into the controls of some sort of crane. The operator panics and accidentally releases a huge pane of glass that utterly pulverizes Tim. Hugely catastrophic and over the top, this one deserves multiple rewinds.

4.  Thirteen Ghosts.

This movie is underrated in my opinion. Besides, I like F. Murray Abraham. When he’s not dangling from a helicopter in “Scarface”, he’s chasing ghosts in some crazy mansion. Ben Moss, the estate lawyer gets intimidated by a naked and pretty banged up – and naked – female ghost. He’s walking backwards, away from her when suddenly two glass doors slam closed, neatly cutting him in two. For several seconds Tim stares in disbelief before each half separately slides to the ground, leaving a trail of gore. (look for the half brain!) One less lawyer is always a good thing, no?

3.  Christine.

She is one wicked lady. Even Arnie can’t escape her web of evil. At the final showdown at Darnell’s Garage, Christine is trying to kill Leigh, who is acting as bait. Christine smashes through the wall into Darnell’s office, ejecting Arnie through the windshield. Apparently the old Plymouth was built before the advent of safety glass. Arnie *very slowly* pulls out an impossibly long shard of glass from his chest, strokes Christine’s grill and quietly dies.

2.  Halloween II Rob Zombie Re-make.

What’s it called when you re-make a movie and then make a sequel to it? This scene is pretty agonizing to watch. The ambulance driver (who just happens to be Wayne Unser from the “Sons of Anarchy” TV show.) dies from crashing into a cow. His partner wasn’t so lucky. He’s clearly in a lot of pain and probably dying when Michael kicks open the back doors of the ambulance and gets out. Apparently Mike wasn’t as dead as people thought. He picks up a shard of glass from the road and casually strolls over to the open window of the ambulance. He reaches in and saws off the head of the paramedic. The sounds here are more horrific than what we see. . . .wet sawing and gurgling sounds makes this one pretty gruesome.

1.  The Omen.

Awesome decapitation of the photographer, Keith. A truck mysteriously rolls backwards with a large pane of glass in the bed. It hits a pile of wood lumber, stopping the truck, but the momentum carries the sheet of glass straight out the back, neatly severing Keith’s head. The multiple cameras capture the action from various viewpoints and we get to see his head do a little dance before he collapses to the ground.

BONUS: Bride of Chucky.

Chucky movies . . .you either love them or hate them. I happen to love them, no matter how outlandish or ridiculous they get. Especially this one where “Chucky gets lucky.” His love interest, Tiffany, murders a couple of con artists in pretty spectacular fashion. She heaves a champagne bottle into the mirrored ceiling, impaling the pair of crooks with a huge amount of glass shrapnel. (John Ritter deserves a nod here simply because his death from the airbag/nail trap was just awesome.)

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