[Trailer] Bratty Kids Go Missing In The Malibu Tapes

[Trailer] Bratty Kids Go Missing In The Malibu TapesTake four teenagers from a well-to-do high school partying around one of the most glamorous places in the world and make it scary? Now, while The Malibu Tapes seems like your cut and dry party gone bad, it does look like (by hints we see in the trailer) like there’s something more than just a kidnapping. And the movie poster makes it seem like this title is based on real events, but I couldn’t find any news articles that points to a real disappearance of four teenage boys in Malibu back in 2012. Now, I’m all about original marketing like when they marketed The Purge as a real event that still seemed to be based out of fiction. But the poster the marketing team behind this movie provided seems, say, a little too on the nose making this seem a little too real. What do you think?

After watching the trailer, nothing points to this movie actually being based on real events, but I haven’t talked to my friends that our indie horror junkies as well and we can sometimes agree that there’s a fine line between being original and just trying to bank on something by making it “based on real events” or over sensationalizing the story, I digress and here the the synopsis for this one provided by Sunny Oak Films. And if the story is substantiated by real events, let us know because I’m not sure as I’ve been looking for clues.

Synopsis: In the summer of 2012, four Malibu teenagers disappeared without a trace. This documentary narrative takes a look inside one of the most bizarre and disturbing unsolved missing persons cases in Southern California.

The movie is written and directed Scott Stone and stars Tommy Cramer, Jacob Hughes and Veno Miller. It is currently available on DVD and on Amazon Prime. If you get a chance to check it out, let us know if it’s worth a watch!



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