[Trailer] First Look at ‘OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!!’

What would you do if one day you awakened to find yourself in a horror movie? Which role would you play? Chosen one? Great. Now, imagine if someone had stolen that role from you, you’d be pretty irate, right? Well, take a look at Ajala Bandele’s OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!! And see if this plays out like you’d imagine?

The film stars Brendan Mcgowan, Sharon Mae, Shanna Malcolm, Nils Janson, Chris Hampton, and Ajala Bandele.

SynopsisSeven friends find themselves trapped in a horror movie in Ajala Bandele’s very funny and somewhat frightening love letter to the genre. It’s a movie about “What if’s.” What if your life suddenly became a horror movie? Who would you play? What if your role was taken? What would you do?

This is a horror comedy that answer those questions for seven “lucky” people who get to see what they would do.

The film looks like quite a lot of fun, it’s been described as being in the tradition of Scream and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, but I’ll let you guys decide. Let us know what you think?

For more information on OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!! Hit up their official Facebook page. The film is currently available on iTunes.

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