[Trailer] No Boys Allowed In Slasher ‘Girlhouse’

GIRLHOUSE_VOD_KEYHOLE_V1Slated to be released Friday the 13th, and one of the movies featured in last year’s Screamfest in Los Angeles, is the slasher throw-back film Girlhouse. And if you think this movie is about a bunch of college girls that get paid to make naughty videos – that conveniently pay enough for them to go to school – you’d be right. And of course, these girls are absolutely gorgeous. And just a little further below is the Girlhouse trailer to prove it. I was just hoping to see at least one girl a little more thick-boned after seeing the beautiful amazonian Ashley Graham grace the pages of Sports Illustrated recently. But one can dream… or do a quick Google search, can’t we?

Here is the official synopsis provided by Film Pulse:

Kylie Atkins (Ali Cobrin), a young and beautiful college student in need of money to pay for tuition decides to move into a house that streams live content for a popular X-rated website. The women can come and go as they please but live at the house and play for the cameras, which are everywhere. She starts to adjust to her new life with fellow housemates Janet (Chasty Ballesteros), Devon (Alyson Bath), Mia (Nicole Fox), Kat (Alice Hunter) and Heather (Elysia Rotaru), and all seems to be going well. The stream, Girlhouse, has a diverse audience – teenagers, businessmen, shop owners, locals, foreigners and, unbeknownst to the women and operators of Girlhouse, one very disturbed, creepily obsessive admirer named Loverboy.

girlhouse-trailer And it is with “Loverboy” that all hell breaks loose. Written with slasher plot-structure in mind, none of the real gore or action happens until the third act of the film. It is very reminiscent a slow character-build plot structure used in movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th. And good ol’ “Loverboy” Slaine, who you may remember as “Bubba” in Ben Affleck’s Gone Baby Gone, stands out as his character is given a back-story and, although his hefty build, can run like “Forrest” from Forrest Gump.

The movie will come out this Friday, the 13th and should be released on a limited basis in theaters and on iTunes.

And here’s the trailer with lots of college girls making a “stab” at a promising webcam career:

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