[Trailer] Tara Reid Stars in Charlie’s Farm

[Trailer] Tara Reid Stars in Charlies FarmDon’t know about you, but the name Charlie doesn’t evoke fear as far as a horror movie is concerned. But I had to give this a nod and watch the trailer to see if it would be any bit as ridiculous as the concept that our star Tara Reid has been gaining notoriety for – I’m talking about none other than Sharknado. Coming to us from Shoreline Entertainment, this title is so fresh out of post-production, it had only a one-screening appearance at the American Film Market in Santa Monica this past weekend.

Here’s the synopsis released by Shoreline:

In an effort to try something new, four friends head into Australia’s outback to explore Charlie’s Farm, the site where a violent family met their end at the hands of an angry mob. Despite all warnings, they persist in their adventures, as thrills give way to outright horror.

After watching the trailer, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this one is genuinely trying to scare-up some bloody good moments. And Kane Hodder (Se7en and Monster) makes a memorable appearance in this one, so you might just want to watch this for his grizzly appeal. And who doesn’t love Bill Moseley (Devils Rejects, Halloween and Army of Darkness)? Chis Sun is at the helm of this project as its writer/director who is know for Daddy’s Little Girl, which was a hard to watch revenge story, and Come Get Me.

What seems to be the best part of this movie? Well, the actors doing what they do best as they all come from a tradition of good ol’ B-movie fandom. Except Kane… Kane comes from some serious heavy-weight horror champions of film as far as the genre and I’m concerned. If only I could get over the title!

All of Sun’s films are set in Australia so check-out this trailer while putting fresh meat on the “barbie”:


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