Watch These Ten Fantastic Short Horror Films

The internet is littered with short films from all around the globe both good and bad.  Coming up with a list of the best is almost impossible but here is a small collection of short horror films to check out!


Playing off the childhood fears we all once had this dark fairy-tale and very atmospheric short film by Ben Tillett & Jake Cuddihy tells the legend of “Suckablood”, a monster who punishes thumb-sucking children.  When he is tricked one night by a little girl he decides to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

Brutal Relax

This massively gory short by Spanish directors Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, and David Muñoz follows socially awkward Mr. Olivares who is told by his doctor to take a vacation and avoid getting agitated at all costs.  Olivares slaps on his best Hawaiian outfit and heads to the beach only to be pissed off by an army of aquatic slime zombies rising from the sea.  A man can perhaps be an artist in anything; Olivares’s art is destruction, and in the carnage that follows he creates his masterpiece.

The Easter Bunny is Eating My Candy

Not much to say here as the title explains it all too beautifully. Let’s just say that after experiencing Drew Daywalt’s & David Schneider’s short film you’ll never think of Easter the same way again.

One Last Dive

Jason Eisener exploded onto the horror scene with the Christmas themed horror short Treevenge and hilarious exploitation film Hobo With a Shotgun.  One of his latest projects and entry into “The 3:07 AM Project”, One Last Dive shows the point of view of a police divers’ final moments.

No Way Out

“Free your mind” in Kristoffer Aaron Morgan’s No Way Out,  a bizarrely beautiful portrayal of one man’s desire and brutal attempt to escape free from his own inner demons.


Hunting season has begun in Josh MacDonald’s horrific spoof of the Hinterland Who’s Who PSA’s. In Game a woman running through the woods is caught by three men but as they all soon learn, appearances can be deceiving.

Bed Fellows

You are asleep in your bed when you feel the mattress slightly move as someone lays next to you and pulls the sheets over them… Ever read some of those “one sentence scary stories”?  Well this is essentially one of those in the form of a film with a simple setup packing quite a punch at the end. Scary stuff from Drew Daywalt!

The Little Mermaid

Ariel’s got nothing on this mermaid! Repression, imprisonment, and vengeance are all explored in Nicholas Humphries’ intricate and stunning re-telling of an age old tale.

Next Floor

From the always dark Denis Villeneuve several guests surround a large table and eat with a ravenous hunger at a lavish feast, stuffing their faces with the never-ending monstrosities served to them. The seemingly delicious feast quickly turns into a grotesque carnival and when the floor suddenly gives out and the table with all its guests plummets to the floor below, the ominous maître d reminds the audience of the dangers of excess.

Still life

Creeeeeeepy!  This unique little short film from Jon Knautz tells the story of a man who ends up in a town inhabited solely by mannequins and has one of the most amazing endings.

Honorable Mentions:

The Earth Rejects Him


The Sleepover

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