Will You Be Celebrating ‘Devil’s Night’ Tonight?

From Nathan Bucar, comes his latest flick Devil’s Night, and we have just received word that the film is available On Demand right now. So, to give you a little taste, we have scored the official trailer and artwork from the film. Bizarrely though, I’m not too sure what the marketing department was thinking. The artwork looks like this will be a comedy or a spoof, and while there might be some funny elements, the trailer looks seriously dark. Check it out and see what you think?

Devil’s Night stars Massimo Lista, Joe Grimes, Will McMahon, Barret Hackney, and Lisa Ann Goldsmith.

SynopsisOn the night before Halloween, four friends decide to take part in Devil’s Night, a local teenage tradition of vandalism and mischief. After one of them goes missing, they discover that there are people in their quiet suburban town celebrating a horrifying and sadistic tradition of their own.

If you have seen this one, be sure to let us know if this is something we should check out or not?

Devil's Night Artwork

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