John Geddes Needs Your Help to Bring Hellmouth to Life!

Chris Savage

I’m pretty sure John Geddes needs no introduction, but just to clarify for those of you who may be a little unaware, Geddes is the man behind such recent films as Monster Brawl and Exit Humanity, and now he has a whole new breed of monster he wants to unleash on us all.

John Geddes is set to unleash a film entitled Hellmouth, which is said to be a throwback to the films of the 1950’s and it will be shot entirely on a green screen. And did I mention that this one is written by none other than Tony Burgess! (Pontypool).

The film has already locked in some awesome acting talent such as Stephen McHattie (300, The Watchmen, A History of Violence), Siobhan Murphy, Mark Gibson (Exit Humanity), Julian Richings (Cube, Superman Man of Steel), and Boyd Banks (Dawn of the Dead).

Hellmouth is a harrowing story of one man’s torturous battle with the world’s most horrific ghouls and ghosts in a graveyard that turns reality into outer world fiction.

Now if you like the sound of things so far, I’m sure you want a piece of this, right? Well, they have recently set up an IndieGoGo page to help them with the final push, and if you’d like to be in on the action, go hit up the link and see how you can help. As always, you will be rewarded with an awesome perk.




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      1. Greg April 23, 2013 at 2:08 am

        Think I’d get a headache from the whole movie being green screen.

      2. Matt April 23, 2013 at 3:19 pm

        Just a heads up, the film has already been shot and is in post-production now. The IndieGoGo campaign is simply to help bolster the amazing and heaviest VFX sequences in the film. The post-production is the most important for finishing this kind of film. Thanks for posting!