First Look at The Omega File

A couple of months back we broke the news that the folks over at SGL Entertainment had acquired Massimiliano Cerchi’s original sci-fi series The Omega File, and we had a few details to share with you as well. Today however, not only do we have your first look at the series but we also have some new details to get you guys even more stoked. Read on and let us know what you think?

From the Press Release:

We have a first look at the new Sci-fi TV Series The Omega File, which is now Filming on Location in Colombia. Solomon Archer, the leader of THE ALLIANCE, has been captured. He will be freed by his lover, a Snake Woman. Together with the help of Rocky and another team mate, they will try to destroy THE ORDER, the evil that is ruling planet earth.

The Omega File is Written, Directed and Produced by Massimiliano Cerchi, with Executive Producers Massimiliano Cerchi, Jeffrey A. Swanson and Damien Dante. And Stars: Phyllis Spielman, Sebastian Van Vrey, Don Yates, Didrik Davis, Al Snow, Jeff Kim and Jack E Curenton. SGL Entertainment is handling Sales, Acquisitions plus Distribution and have already secured a 4K Release with UltraFlix a streaming media service that will make The Omega File available on the new Samsung and Sony Bravia 4k Flatscreen and Curved TV’s.

From what I’ve seen thus far, I’m pretty damn stoked for this, and if you too are looking forward to this one we will do our best to keep you informed. In the meantime, hit up their official website for more.




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