“Alien” Gargoyle Appears on Ancient Abbey

Don’t worry, this isn’t a case of history predicting the future of pop culture cinema.  Or evidence that Xenomoprhs have existed in our world for centuries.  It’s just one fans ultimate homage to the classic “Alien” franchise.

A gargoyle in the shape of a Xenomorph from the “Alien” series has appeared on the historic 13th century Paisley Abbey.  However, the gargoyle didn’t just appear overnight, it’s just that people have only recently recognized it’s similarity to the infamous alien creatures.

According to Reverend Alan Birss, minister of the Paisley Abbey, the abbey had some reconstruction done back in the 90s.  This included fixing and adding gargoyles to the structure.  “Alien 3” was probably fresh on the minds of people at the time and one of the artists constructing the gargoyles probably thought it would be a great way to pay tribute to their favorite franchise.   Check out the gargoyle below and the video of it on the BBC News site.

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