Aye Dead on Zombie Short

If there is one thing I love its a good zombie movie. If there is one thing I love even more its a free zombie short that I can watch half naked in my basement. Zombie movies are awesome but theater patrons dont appreciate when you show up in boxers and no shirt smelling of day old cheese. Thats not to say I am any of the above I am just pointing it out.. you know for science and all that.

Fortunately we dont need to go out to enjoy some zombie comedy action because a couple of Lads from Ireland have put together a zombie short we can watch dressed or undressed right now. So let us rejoice in this great zombie short “Aye, Dead On” which was shared with me today on our Facebook page by Shylo.

Aye Dead On is a zombie short starring Andrew Burns, Thomas McShane, Michael Minford, Adam Ruddy and Christina Mahe. It is a zombie comedy about two rockers who have their priorities a bit misaligned.

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