Bad Kids Go to Hell Movie Review

Matt Clark (Cameron Deane Stewart), the bad boy of the group who’s had a stint in Juvenile Jail, Megan McDurst (Amanda Alch), the stress induced asthma suffering girl with a surprising wild side, Tricia Wilkes (Ali Faulkner), the school’s coke snorting queen bitch, Craig Cook (Roger Edwards), the jock of the group, Tarek Ahmed (Marc Donato), the shy geek and Veronica Harmon (Augie Duke), the cool rebellious outsider.

They all take a seat in the newly built library as the teacher in charge, Dr. Day (Jeffrey Schmidt) gives them a set of rules to stick to before he leaves the room and locking the students in.

It doesn’t take long before boredom sets in and rules are broken! In an attempt to curb their dismal time, Veronica suggests holding a séance to contact the ghost that, as legend has it, haunts the very building they are in.

As legend goes, the land the new building is sat on was owned by a native american that was killed by a general in the US army, who then made the land his own.

During their attempt to contact the dead, strange things happen that leave them all freaked out, but Megan becomes overwhelmed with the experience and takes a turn for the worse.

Looking for an explanation, Veronica finds some disturbing details about the legend and some of the people who are involved with the building of the library. As fingers start to point and accusation start to fly, they try to find a way out of the room. With more strange goings-on, the group become more paranoid about the supernatural and each other.

With scenes of flash backs, the plot thickens. Will they get to the truth behind what’s going on before they meet a fate worse than death?

The movie is more of a Mystery / Thriller than an all out horror. Although, you could say that this is a horror version of The Breakfast Club (1985)! It even has a cameo from Judd Nelson as Headmaster Nash.

Even though the main cast are relatively inexperienced, they actually do a rather good job with the acting, which helps keep your attention though the film. The standout performances for me came from Cameron Deane Stewart and Augie Duke.

The script was rather typical of the teen horror genre, but had some originality in certain places. The acting and script were held together well with good direction. The SFX were kept simple with more practical effects than CGI, which is always a bonus!

Overall it kept me entertained and where it lacks on the scares and creeps, it offers a few laughs and some blood that should keep you happy. But that said, it was heading towards being an average movie. So the plot twist near the end came as a nice surprise and gave it the little lift it needed.

I’m now looking forward to seeing what Matthew Spradlin comes up with next. He’s certainly got the potential to deliver something great!

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