Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter CottonHell [Review]

Beaster Day PosterIf there is one thing the genre needs it’s more killer rabbit movies. I mean, I’m struggling to think of any besides Night of the Lepus and Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!, it’s definitely something we need more of. So, it appears as if The Snygg Brothers have heard their calling as they have unleashed a giant mutated killer rabbit movie of their own entitled Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter CottonHell.

Now, I must say you may want to get your cheese radar’s on silent as this sucker goes all the way up to eleven! It is just pure b-movie cheesiness and it’s great. Well, I mean it’s almost so bad it’s good and that was the intention and I believe it has paid off even if it did miss the mark in a few places.

Anyway, the film is set in a rural quaint town in America, where the townsfolk are preparing for their annual Easter parade, but unbeknownst to the townsfolk, beautiful half-naked chicks are being mutilated in the woods upon which the mayor rules it down to the Amish, as a sort of terrorist attack against the collection of Easter eggs. Did I mention that the mayor has more grass in his pipe than all of America? Yeah, this guy is as high as you can get and spends most of his days being around naked chicks and the corrupt police force.

While no-one seems to know just what is killing all these innocent people, a dog-catching outfit called “Dog Catchers in the Rye” are out on the prowl trying to catch runaway dogs and squirrels. One of the employees goes by the name of Doug (Peter Sullivan), who is a little too eager in his pursuit of being the best dog-catcher in the town. Unfortunately this year he didn’t get the top spot and had to settle for second place, an announcement that didn’t bode too well for him.

But, to brighten up his day, he gets appointed with the newest member of the team Brenda (Marisol Custodio), a cute slacker who has no interest in Doug or the job in hand, instead she is here due to her dad forcing her to find work or get kicked out. Her dad also has an obsession with bacon and some unsavory foreplay, you’ll get to that later.

As you can probably guess, Doug and Brenda go on with their duties only to find out the horrible truth. A freakin’ 50-foot mutant rabbit is the one behind the massacre, but no-one in their right mind believes them. Soon, the bodies continue to pile up and the mayor stills rubs it off as the evil Amish at work.

For me, I thought the dialogue was actually witty and a lot of fun, it just seemed to flow well between the entire cast who put on an excellent job of being over cheesy as it worked, they just seemed to mesh well together. Sadly, the film is filled with CGI, me personally would rather prefer ketchup being strewn around instead of CGI blood in most places but I can understand where they were coming from.

So this brings me to the rabbit. It’s actually a puppet which has been superimposed to make it look like it’s 50-foot, you know, real old-school techniques and that adds to the b-movie feel of the film. Although I was kind of wishing someone would put the rabbit out of its misery as it looked as if it was simply struggling to live, let alone walk, but all in all it was a nice through-back to the b-movie films of yesteryear.

And did I mention boobs? Yes, this rabbit has taste for hot chicks with copious amounts of cleavage, there are boobs galore so this rabbit gets a ‘high five’ for excellent taste.

Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter CottonHell is definitely one for you b-movie enthusiasts out there and for those of you who are after a little popcorn flick to settle down too. You can find this one on various VOD platforms right now.

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