Carrie Fails to Light Up the Box-Office

Kimberly Peirce’s remake of Carrie for MGM has been hyped up for months. We have had a slew of promos, trailers, posters, TV spots and everything in between, but even with all that marketing, the film still sunk at the box-office.

Perhaps studios should take notice. This is October, the month filled with all sorts of horror filled goodness and we only get one horror film opening during the month? And, it has to be a remake? C’mon! But perhaps they have learned their lesson, I doubt it.

In any event, according to Deadline, Carrie opened up to the #3 spot at the box-office with an estimated $17.0M for the weekend, but considering the film was made for an estimated $30M and the slew of dollars spent on advertising, this is pretty dire.

And guess which film is still at the #1 spot for its third week? Yep, Gravity is still dominating with a huge cume of $170.5M so far. This now brings the film’s worldwide cume to a staggering $284.7M!

Now considering that there is no Paranormal Activity film this year, you would have thought that someone would have looked and decided to move their horror flick to October to cash in on the opportunity, but instead, all we are left with is the remake of Carrie.

But, numbers don’t mean anything as films can open poorly and still be a solid effort, so, was Carrie a hit that no-one went to see, or is it something that reflects the numbers? Let us know below.

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