The Tremors Remake Begins to Show Signs of Life

tremors-posterWell guys, throughout the years we have heard a whole host of rumors regarding the Tremors franchise. There have been talks of further sequels, and of course a remake, and speaking of a remake, it appears as if that is the route that Universal is taking.

Recently, Don Michael Paul (Lake Placid: The Final Chapter) took to his blog to reveal this little tidbit of news;

After I finish up “Company Of Heroes: The Fourth Reich” I will be headed to Johannesburg, South Africa to reboot the “Tremors” franchise for Universal.  Big year ahead and I’m excited to keep it going with the support of all you genre movie lovers out there.

So, I’d keep those eyes peeled guys as I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more about this one in the coming months.

And as for a remake? Well, I’m actually all for it. I loved the original film, hated the sequels, so a remake/reboot is something this franchise needs to hopefully reignite it as there is so much potential. But then again that’s just me.

Sound off below we your thoughts on this.

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