Chucky Once Showed Up at a WCW Pay-Per-View to Antagonize Mean Gene and Rick Steiner

By 1998 the WCW was no stranger to bizarre cameo appearances in their pay-per-views.  This is the same wrestling company that, in 1991, thought it would be a great idea to have Robocop show up to square off against a bunch of wrestlers.  And while that may be one of the more bizarre guest appearances in wrestling history, there have been plenty of other head shaking moments.

For their 1998 pay-per-view Halloween Havoc, the WCW decided to get a little spooky with their guest.  Rick Steiner and Mean Gene Okerlund were busy cutting a promo about how that night Rick was going to fight his brother and long time partner Scott Steiner.  The interview could have been a good moment for drama and character building (by wrestling standards), but the who thing was undercut when a shrill laugh began to blast over the PA system.

Looking up, Mean Gene and Rick found themselves being chastised by none other than Chucky.  Appearing to promote his newest movie at the time, “Bride of Chucky,”  the murderous doll had popped up on the big screen to mock and antagonize Rick.  It was obviously not a live video as you could tell Rick and Mean Gene were trying to time their responses so they would be in sync with Chucky’s retorts.

Watching it now, it’s extremely cringey.   Brad Douriff does a great job as Chucky in this clip, of course, but they give poor Rick Steiner nothing to do.  Instead he just kind of looks like a chump.  I don’t know how WCW thought this would be a good day, they basically punked out Rick to a doll.  Not a good way to make your guy look strong.  Thankfully the WWE has wisely preserved this moment in their archives.  Check out the clip for yourself below and enjoy the magic of ’90s cross promotions.

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