Deathgasm Movie Review

Deathgasm PhotoAre you a metalhead? Are you an outcast? Have you ever resurrected demons through the playing of an ancient tune? No? That’s ok. You may still appreciate “Deathgasm”, straight out of New Zealand, making its Canadian premiere at this summer’s Fantasia International Film Festival.

Brodie has moved in with his uncle and his jock of a cousin, who both hate him because he’s such a “satanic” metalhead. He gets intimidated by his own cousin at school, finding relief with other similar outcasts and being attracted to his own cousin’s girlfriend (typical storyline). These unaccepted metal-lovers create their own band, “Deathgasm”. They uncover a timeworn musical sheet that, when played appropriately, unleashes hellacious demons onto the world. Now, only Brodie and his band can undo what they unwillingly did.

As mentioned above, the plot has been seen before: social outcast is attracted to jock’s girlfriend, and the feeling is mutual; best friend of said outcast attempts to steal the girl; main character resurrects demons à-la-“Evil Dead” and has to battle them. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Nonetheless, the special effects for such a comedic movie are impressive and are not stingy on the blood factor. The ridiculous hilarity of certain situations as a face-painted metalhead licking an ice cream cone or religious zealots being killed via dildos will have you bursting out loud.

A fun movie altogether to watch with some friends in which you’ll enjoy much more if you appreciate metal music. Not necessarily a horror-comedy that thinks outside the box, but worth a watch, deserving a respectable 3.5 stars out of 5.

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