Encounter Poster and Trailer

Encounter Poster and Trailer

Stumbled across the Encounter poster and trailer for your viewing pleasure. It’s a movie about newlyweds that decide to live happily ever after on a farm. And I personally love the homage it pays to the famous “American Gothic” painting as the couple looks zombified and dead. Very, very dead.

Here is the synopsis released by Sahara Vision Productions (a new production company):

McBride (Justin Arnold) and his new wife Lauren (Andrea Nelson) move to the country to film his thesis project, a study to investigate atmospheric phenomena commonly known as “orbs.” They rent a room in a farmhouse from an unsettling man named Jim (Don Scribner) and set up Ted’s motion activated video cameras around the house and surrounding property. As the days and nights pass, Jim becomes increasingly on edge and it all comes to a head when Ted angrily confronts Jim in the middle of the night, frustrated with the unhinged old man.

Ted soon realizes that he and Lauren are being stalked and affected in strange and frightening ways by the same force that drove Jim out of his mind. In the exciting conclusion of the film, Ted and Lauren fight to save each other and escape the evil that they have discovered that now stalks them.

The company boasts that Encounter was filmed with a dynamic blend of the point-of-view reality and dramatic film noir styles that give the film a grounded, realistic feeling without restricting the director’s ability to deliver exciting and cinematic drama and suspense. This looks like the first film ever to be released by Sahara but it looks like they’re looking to take on more writer/directors with their own unique visions of horror in the near future.

And if the Encounter poster has piqued your curiosity, as it did mine, you can watch the trailer:

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