Evil Feed: DVD plus Digital Release

Evil Feed: DVD plus Digital ReleaseWith tag-lines like “If You Tap-Out, You’re Take Out” as part of the fan-fare for the movie, who wouldn’t be interested in seeing this grindhouse-style film? Out today on DVD and Digital Release (Amazon Prime, etc.) is Evil Feed. Based on the premise of an underground MMA fighting ring where the loser becomes delicatessen for rich cannibals, Evil Feed delivers on what the poster implies. Flesh, food and cannilbalism.

Here’s the official synopsis provided by Screen Media:

The Long Pig Restaurant, known in the underground world for cannibalistic cuisine, has introduced novelty by capturing elite MMA fighters and then serving losers to their bloodthirsty customers. Perfect “Tendertainment!”

Jenna, an aspiring stunt girl, is violently kidnapped with her friends by Triads and wakes up in the Long Pig holding cell waiting for her turn to fight in the Pit of Gore. In order to survive, she must fight her way out before being skinned alive and becoming the next main course.

Evil Feed has enough goofy bits peppered in (from what I gathered from the trailer) to avoid being called another torture-porn movie like the Hostel franchise. And its funny and campy enough to earn the title of grindhouse-type cinema. Oh, and the guy who penned the script, Aaron Au, has been a fight and stunt coordinator for years on movies such as Fantastic Four and Cat Woman, so there’s bound to be some bad-ass and authentic moves thrown into this adrenaline-pumping, cannibal “Lo Mein” horror flick.

Evil Feed: DVD plus Digital Release

All I can say is, “Did somebody order Chinese!?!” -Just watch it already and you’ll know what I’m talking about! And the human head with the exposed brains at the dinner table took me back to when I first saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. You know, the scene where they were invited to eat monkey brains? Classic.

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